Terms and Limitations of Services and Features Presented in the Agreement

2017-02-14 09:18:24 UTC

1. Introduction

All information in this article is referred to from Visiolink Agreement and Appendices. The purpose of the article is to keep an updated and from time to time in force overview of conditions that can and will change over time. Furthermore, the article presents conditions related to certain features and services available through Visiolink.    

All information is subject to change.


2. Hardware, software and OS Compatibility 

Operating Systems, Mobile Platforms

The Supplier will, if possible, by default support the latest version of iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. Upgrade of apps may however require development hours and a re-submit of the app, which will be held at the expense of the Customer. 

The Supplier can at any time change the minimum required OS-version in order to enhance stability and performance of the app. Changes will be announced on the Supplier’s usual communication channels. 

Minimum OS Versions Supported

  • Android including Kindle Fire: Android 4.1
  • iOS: iOS 8
  • Windows Phone* and Windows: Windows 8.0

*Microsoft provides the opportunity to exclude lower memory Windows Phone devices (512 MB RAM or less) from installing the app. This is due to potential poor performance. Visiolink recommends using this opportunity, as we cannot guarantee that the app will run on lower memory devices.     


The Supplier strives to support the majority of all widespread phones and tablets and to optimize for the majority of commonly distributed screen sizes.

Support of future hardware may require development hours and a re-submit of the app, which will be held at the expense of the Customer.

Browser Compatibility and Fallback

The Supplier strives to support the majority of all widespread web browsers and browser versions. Based on statistical usage data, the Supplier will continuously evaluate which versions of web browsers to support. The Supplier can at any time change the minimum required version of a browser in order to enhance stability and performance of the Web solution. Changes will be announced on the Supplier’s usual communication channels.

For the HTML5 Desktop client, readers accessing from Internet Explorer 8 or 9 will be redirected to the Flash based reader. Readers accessing from a mobile device will be redirected to a simple device-optimized reader. The HTML5 Desktop client is supported by the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.  


3. Non-consumable products (iOS)

According to Apple's guidelines, publications with a publishing frequency of up to three releases a week require an exact date for each publication, since they must be set up as “non-consumable” products. If the publication has a publishing frequency of three or fewer releases per week, the Customer is obligated to deliver a document containing the exact release dates for the next 12 months. This information must be given to Visiolink no later than one month before the beginning of the next 12 month period.


If the Customer wants to change the publishing frequency, price or date for one or more publications (for example during campaigns), the Customer is obligated to bear the hourly cost relating to any changes in a 12 month period.


4. 24/7 Premium

24/7 Premium is a service that covers 24/7 Support and Publication Availability Watch.  In Visiolink we understand the importance of making sure that the paper or magazine is available to the reader on time. Every night Visiolink processes 750 publications automatically. However, in some cases processing fails, usually caused by material not delivered to Visiolink, missing pages or errors in file names. With Publication Availability Watch Visiolink’s team will monitor individual titles 24/7 and contact the Customer by phone and email if the publication is unavailable at the expected release target. 

24/7 Premium includes: 

Publication Availability Watch

  • Visiolink will monitor processing of the Customer’s titles and ensure that the publications are available at the agreed release target
  • The Customer will be contacted by phone and email, if files for processing have not been delivered to Visiolink
  • The Customer will be contacted by phone and email if processing fails due to errors in file names
  • The Customer will be contacted by phone and email if processing fails due to missing pages exceeding the agreed limit for missing pages 

24/7 Support

Within office hours Visiolink’s Customer Care specialists will assist the Customer with:

  • Questions related to Visiolink’s products and services
  • Adjustments to the Customer’s publication proces and file flow
  • Debugging and support
  • Review of end user feedback/ app reviews
  • Within office hours Visiolink can be contacted by email and by phone

For outside office hours support, Visiolink’s support team can be reached by phone. Outside office hours support covers

  • Critical incidents related to services stated in Service Level Agreement
  • Help and assistance with publication processing
  • Troubleshooting: general error in validation on web and device

Please note: Adjustments to the Customer’s file flow will only be done within office hours


5. Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire app is an exact clone of the already developed Android app: same code base, navigation, features and visual representation. Updating the Android app is required for development or update of the Kindle Fire App. This procedure will be estimated and billed by Time & Material.

The implementation of Amazon purchase logic, setup of the app in the Amazon Store, development, project management, collection of materials and the subsequent maintenance are independent processes that are different from the methods on Android.

Updating your Android app means that the Kindle Fire app must also be updated. The Kindle Fire app is at any time an exact clone of the Android app, and simultaneous update of both apps is therefore necessary. For this, an upgrade fee of EUR 300 is charged.

Please be aware that setting up an Amazon Kindle Developer Account can be time consuming and must be completed prior to project initiation. This guide will take you through the procedure: http://support.visiolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/200050452-How-to-Create-an-Amazon-Account-for-development-of-app-for-Kindle-Fire



Implementing DYNAMIC means:

  • XML data from the daily flow of file delivery to Visiolink will be presented in the app as an alternative to the 1:1 view.
  • DYNAMIC will display article content in spreads aquivalent to the spreads in the 1:1-view – the user can at any time switch between the two views 
  • DYNAMIC is automatically generated from four prioritization criterias: Size of article, presens of picture, proximity to front page and placement on spread.
  • Visiolink has developed a set of templates able to contain one through twenty articles for tablets. The number of templates available will increase continuously and will be suitable both horizontally and vertically. The system will automatically select the best suited template for the respective spread. 
  • On phones the articles of each spread will be presented in a list view – prioritized with the most important article at the top and the least important at the bottom.
  • Design and layout is produced in close collaboration with experienced newspaper and magazine designers and editorial experts from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

As templates for DYNAMIC are handled primarily from the server, improvements can and will appear without resubmission of the app. Major changes will be communicated directly to affected customers. 

Implementation of DYNAMIC includes up to 6 hours of XML-work and app-setup. Hereafter work is billed by Time & Material.


7. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence in Visiolink is a business method to transform raw data into knowledge. This is done by collecting, structuring and analyzing data and presenting the relevant information to the right people at the right time. The purpose is to give decision makers the possibility to make decisions and take actions based on facts. Our goal is to help our customers getting more insight about their readers and how the readers interact with the epaper. Another important goal is to provide our customers with knowledge about trends in the media industry across Europe through benchmarking data.

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