How-to: Styling of Epages

2016-11-08 13:34:07 UTC

This short guide will take you through the steps of styling your publication 

1) Log into

2) Choose the tab Template

3) Click edit on Default Template and find the overview of editable tabs.

4) Change page color and choose Google optimization under the tab Page

5) Edit the info text explaining how to navigate in the publication in the tab Text. We recommend editing in the source view 

6) Select which icons to display in your reading window under the tab Icons. The icons represent Plug-Ins (optional additions) to the reading window. Many Plug-Ins have an advanced setup. Click on the pencil for more information.

Please note that "Sharing" is for free publications only. If you would like to add Social Sharing to paid publication, please contact your Project Manager or Key Account Manager for more information.

7) Change website url, title and insert logo with transparent background (PNG + H 34 pixels requred) under the tab Layout. You can also change top bar and bottom bar color

8) Under the tab Settings, you can adjust Navigation and zoom level in the publication. You can also define how many pages, a reader should be allowed to print from the publication, and you can allow pdf download as fallback. This is relevant for the users who do not have javascript enabled or do not have Flash-Player installed as plugin. 

Please see here Visiolink best-practice for zoom setup:

We hope this guide will help you navigate the tabs for configuring and styling your publication. If anything is unclear, contact We are happy to help!

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