Visiolink no longer supports iOS 7

2017-02-14 09:53:14 UTC

Visiolink no longer supports iOS 7, which until now has been the the lowest version of iOS that has been supported. This means that all iOS apps, which are built or updated after 31 March 2016, are not supported by iPhones and iPads with an iOS version below 8.0.


Why do we no longer support iOS 7?

Our goal is to devolop solutions of the highest quality possible and to ensure a stable app for the readers. By removing the support of iOS 7 we achieve a much more solid code base, where we no longer need to maintain compatibilty with older versions. As an example, we can now change the method used to create the pages of the newspapers, so the readers will notice that the text becomes clearer more quickly.

We believe that this is the right time to do this, as less than averagely 5 % of users across all Visiolink's iOS apps use an iOS version lower than 8.0.

What does it mean to the readers?

If your existing app is updated: Users, who have not yet updated to iOS 8 or 9 will not be able to get the update of the app. The current version of the app still works for everyone, but we will not be able to correct mistakes on the old version. In case the reader experiences problems specific to iOS 7, they should be recommended to upgrade iOS 9 and then update the app. 

If you get a new app: Users with an iPhone or iPad which runs on iOS 7 or below will not be able to download the app in the App Store. These users are likewise encouraged to upgrade to iOS 9, and then they will be able to download the app.

All iPads on iOS 7 can be upgraded to iOS 9. iPhone 4 can't be upgraded. All other iPhones, including iPhone 4S, can be upgraded to iOS 9.

We hope that you will be happy with these changes. If you have questions, please contact Visiolink Customer Care:


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