Release Notes for Visiolink Publishing Hub

2018-03-06 12:18:25 UTC

Starting from October 2016 you can find release notes for Visiolink Publishing Hub here. By each release the article is updated, and you can track what changes you will benefit from.

Release: Hub 1.18.02

Release date: 1. March 2018

New Features

  • Added options to keep or remove autolinks and enrichments when replacing pages or a publication


  • You can now enable/disable a group in user editing by clicking the group name, not just the checkbox
  • Usergroups is now shown under the user
  • Improvements to load time of the organization picker
  • Organization picker now highlight the text in search area when opened

 Bug Fixes

  • Push notifications now stay inside the box


Release: Hub 1.18.01

Release date: 30. January 2018

New Features

  • Added enrichment editor
  • Added option to release on-hold publications
  • Added option to insert/change specific pages through manual upload
  • Added option to replace a publication by uploading a new publication on top of it


  • Increased the number of publications shown in overview
  • Added shortcut to lookup prefix directly from title selector

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with user groups
  • Fixed inconsistency with download numbers
  • Fixed possible permission issue


Release: Hub 1.17.10

Release date: 5. December 2017


  • HUB now supports time zone management
    • All users got Europe/Copenhagen as default timezone
    • Timezone is set at user creation, but can also be changed under “Edit Profile”
    • Anywhere date/time is shown it’s automatically converted from server time (Europe/Copenhagen) to user specified timezone
    • If the date/time is shown in a LOG context, it won’t be converted. If in doubt, any converted date/time will have a tooltip


  • Organization picker now close automatically when an organization is picked
  • Improved load performance
  • Can now add an expiration date to publications
  • Improved HUB performance with many push messages
  • Manual Upload no longer generate error messages when cleaning temporary files


Release: Hotfix

Release date: 6. September 2017


  • Added support of UTF8 in push messages (which includes support for emoji and international symbols)
  • Fixed bug in Edit Sections regarding teaser images
  • Fixed minor bugs in manual upload

Release: Hub 1.17.04

Release date: 20. April 2017

New Features

  • Manual upload - You are now able to manually upload publications. Please contact Customer Care for further information and to enable the feature.
  • New option to manually edit sections; rename and set where sections separate 
  • New option to delete released publications

Improvements & Changes

  • Improved how apps and titles are selected, all are now selected by default 
  • Redesign of log view 


Release: Hub hotfix

Relate date: 2. March 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where only the latest 25 pending interstitials showed up 


Release: Hub 1.17.01

Release date: 10. February 2017

New Features

  • Added new tool to download traffic data

Improvement & Changes

  • Added a sort function to the processing overview
  • Improved handling of login timer
  • Time restriction on push messages is now on individual titles (10 minutes)
  • Minor redesign of push interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Hub not working when accessed through a mobile browser in private mode
  • Fixed alignment of elements in push view
  • Fixed alignment of text in logs
  • Fixed alignment of titles in Splash
  • Better description of push to title system
  • Fixed the processing log showing last error, even if no error occurred
  • Fixed issue in publication overview where not all search results were displayed in some browsers 
  • Fixed issue where interstitial page was unresponsive


Release: Hub 1.16.12

Release date: 11. January 2017

Improvements & Changes

  • When creating a user, you now have to write the password twice to avoid mistakes
  • Improved and simplified the description text when writing Push Messages
  • Improved date picker display on Interstitials with better support for several dates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the position of publication overview
  • Fixed icon alignment of the “Frequency” button
  • Fixed double scrollbars on Title selector
  • Fixed some elements temporarily showing on the wrong location when loading
  • Fixed issue with some expired interstitials disappearing


Release: Hub 1.16.11

Release date: 06.12.2016

New Features

  • Now displays Visiolink messages in the Hub (release notes, maintenance, etc.)

Improvements & Changes

  • Prefix (title identifier) of a title is now shown in the picker list 
  • Improved search algorithm for better search results, now including folders and prefixes (title identifier) in search results.
  • Replaced the “Submit Ticket” button with “Get Help”, which opens a Zendesk widget for easier support
  • Minor improvements on mobile device


Release: Hub 1.16.09

Released on: 04.10.2016

Improvements & Changes

  • Publication overview: Improved performance
  • User management: Improved interface when adding or removing users from a group 
  • User management: Added better error message description when creating new user


  • Main menu: Improved the click effect
  • Interstitials: Fixed a text overlapping checkboxes
  • User management: Improved visuals of drop down menu when adding user groups to a new user, so it better support multiple user groups
  • Publication overview: Fixed option panel not being visible before selecting a folder 
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