Windows Phone 8: app performance on low memory devices

2017-02-14 12:14:05 UTC

During the last 9 months our Windows Phone 8 solution have gone though a phase of heavy development both by staff we have added and in tight collaboration with Microsoft certified developers with the singular goal of creating a great app with the features and the reading experience the e-paper reader has come to expect.

Our customers now have more than 15 Windows Phone 8 apps available in the Windows Store and we have begun to evaluate the feedback we are getting across all the solutions. One issue we have identified is that the app's behaviour is less than ideal on what Microsoft categorizes as lower-memory devices. In addition to less memory the devices in the lower-memory also have less capable CPUs and that combination is not optimal for displaying high resolution newspaper pages.

So far we have heard very few end user complaints about this issue - most likely because the low end devices that end up in the lower memory category are bought by people that primarily are buying a phone and not a smartphone, but the issue is real and we need to address it.

Microsoft recommends either to reduce the functionality of the app to make it run within the memory available or to make the app unavailable on lower-memory devices. We have worked enough with this issue to know that it is unlikely that all the functionality available on a fully featured device will be available on a lower-memory device. We will of course do everything possible to minimize the end user impact of any compromises we will need to make.

Until a permanent solution can be implemented we recommend not to have the app installable on a lower-memory device. If an end user tries to install the app on a lower-memory device the Windows Store will notify the user that the device in hand is unable to run the app and abort the installation. We believe this is preferable to giving the user a bad experience.

If you have any questions, please contact su[email protected]

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