CHANGE LOG [2016-05-01] - Opening changes

2020-09-28 10:57:37 UTC

With the recent update in May 2016, we have made slight changes to our tracking on iOS and Android. Specifically, the Publication (Openings) event on iOS has been revised to include additional use case patterns. Where the event previously failed to include specific use case patterns when opening the publication, it has now been changed to include all possible scenarios. This will likely create an increase in the number of Publication (Openings) being sent to Google Analytics. Furthermore, it will create an increase in the total number of events sent to Google Analytics.

The Publication (Openings) event has similarly been altered on Android. When a clickable ad or an interstitial is clicked, the user is sent to the external URL. When the user returns to the publication, the previous versions have sent a Publication (Openings) event. With the new update, a Publication (Openings) event will not be triggered unless the user has spent more than 5 minutes on the external page. This will likely cause the number of Publication (Openings) to decrease and the total number of events to decrease.

To get more information on the recent changes with your updates or the individual custom events, contact us on:

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