The Page View Event

2019-08-28 08:47:59 UTC

This article will show you how to retrieve data from our Page View Event.

We have defined the page view event on our own to include page views across all newer versions on all platforms. This enables you to see the total number of page views for iOS, Android and Desktop in the same place.

The page view event shows how many pages have been shown to the readers. The event is triggered when a page is opened. If the device used is in landscape orientation, two-page view events are sent due to the visibility of two pages. This must be considered. If the reader rotates their device from portrait view, an additional page view is sent on top of the current page view.


1. Make sure you are logged in to your Google Analytics account.

2. Choose your ePaper, and navigate to your desired view

3. Go to 'Custom Reports' located under the customization tab in the top left side of GA


4. Click 'New Custom Report'



5. Fill out the forms exactly like this image and click ‘Save’:

*Remember to set the filter to ‘Regex’ to make sure Google can find all the event data.


6. Now you can see the amount of page views for your applications.

The results will vary depending on what "Dimension Drilldowns" you are using.
The different options you have are:

Event Category sends the customer name, folder ID, publication ID and the event type.
Example: ’borsen/902/12264 - Page’

Event Label will send the page number.
Example: ’1’

Event Action reports the type of event.
Example: 'Pageview'


7. For specific date range, go to the top right corner and choose the desired date range. 



When the custom report is made, it is saved to your customization tab and you can use the same one to get data for a new date range, you don't need to make a new report the next time you want data.


If you would like more information or guidance, feel free to contact Customer Care on who will forward it to our Business Consulting department.

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