'Google Analytics' as Browser Data

2017-07-18 13:05:25 UTC

Visiolink is using Google Analytics in a custom way. Most of our tracking is founded on custom events and this creates a few abnormalities in Google Analytics. The majority of our customers use the Website View to gather all their data. This is done even though most customers also include iOS and Android app data in this view. Because we are using the Website View, Google thinks we are tracking websites.

One of the standard tracking features in Google Analytics is browser tracking. Because alot of data is coming from iOS and Android applications, Google does not know how to correctly place the data. This results in a 'Google Analytics' browser field in Google Analytics. The remaining browsers are on all tracked on the web application. In this case, the apps are the most popular solutions.

If you have any questions regarding tracking in Google Analytics, feel free to contact us.

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