How-to: Branded URL on Desktop Web App

2020-09-25 11:22:45 UTC

If you wish to use Desktop App host-name branding, then you need to know the following:

It's customary to use host-names that are subdomains of newspaper website domain.

- e.g. if your site is "", the new host-names should be subdomains of ""


The Desktop App is constructed in a way that also embeds a Desktop Reader, that is why Visiolink need two host-names from you.

  • One host-name - used for the Desktop App and will be the one used in the links
    - e.g. "" that need to be a CNAME alias for ""
  • And one host-name - used for the embedded Desktop Reader
    - e.g. "" that need to be a CNAME alias for ""
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