How to set up Custom Dimensions in GA

2019-08-21 14:01:07 UTC




Custom Dimensions are used to track important data and they are sent with every hit in Google Analytics. By adding the Custom Dimensions, you will continue to be able to track more detailed information.

The 6 custom dimensions are:

  • Client (Platform)
  • App Version
  • Publication Title
  • Orientation
  • Section
  • Customer Title

First step is to login to your GA account and go to Google Analytics by following this link:

Now press “ADMIN” in the lower left corner of the screen (STEP 1).


Under the “Property” column, as seen on the picture below, you should find and press “Custom Definitions” and then press “Custom Dimensions” (STEP 2).


You are now ready to create the new Custom Dimensions. Press 'New Custom Dimension' (STEP 3).


You are going to create 6 new custom dimensions. It is important to create them in the same order and with the same names as this guide to ensure the data quality.

The first Dimension is Client, which requires ‘User’ as Scope. It must be set to active. Press ‘Create’ (STEP 4) and you will be shown a code example. Simply ignore the code example and press ‘Done’ (STEP 5).


You have now created the first Custom Dimension and it should look like the following image.


Now it is time to create the next Custom Dimension (2). It must be named ‘App version’ and should have ‘Hit’ as Scope. It must be set to active. Press ‘Create’ and ‘Done’ when the code example is shown.

The next Dimension (3) is Publication title. Be sure to set Scope to 'Hit'. 
The next Dimension (4) is Orientation. Be sure to set Scope to 'Hit'. 
The next Dimension (5) is Section. Be sure to set Scope to 'Hit'. 
The last Dimension (6) is Customer title. Be sure to set the scope to ‘Hit’.

Below you will see an overview of how-to setup the different Custom Dimensions.


You have now created all the Custom Dimensions and you should be able to see them all in the table. If your table does not look like the image below, delete the dimensions and repeat the process. If it still does not work, please feel free to contact Visiolink Consulting.

Your 6 Custom Dimensions should now look like the following image:



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