The Automatic Download Event

2018-10-09 14:46:59 UTC

The automatic download is a custom event used to locate information on the type of download in the applications. The event is triggered if automatic download is enabled in the application. You can read more on the specifics of the automatic download here: Automatic Download.

This article will show you how to create a custom report to retrieve our custom automatic download event. With this report, you can retrieve automatic downloads across all newer versions on all platforms.

1. Go to your customization tab in Google Analytics

2. Click 'New Custom Report'

Depending on your previous activity in Google Analytics, you might have a number of custom reports already. The Automatic Download report will be added as the latest one.

3. Fill out the forms exactly like the image below.

When selecting a view, you can select either a single view or all views on the account.

*Remember to set the filter to ‘Regex’ to make sure Google can find all the event data.

4. Click 'Save'. Now you should be able to see the data from the Automatic Download Event.

The data shows the number of Automatic Downloads for the selected date range. To include more days, simple change the date range in Google Analytics and the number of automatic downloads will change accordingly. The Event Label describes dates for the downloads. To see even more downloads, click the ‘Show rows’ dropdown menu and select your desired number of rows. If you select 100 rows, you will be able to see data for the 100 most downloaded publications for the selected date range.

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