How to provide access to your App Store Connect account (iOS)

2023-03-24 09:15:12 UTC

In order to build and maintain your apps, Visiolink must gain access to your App Store Connect Account

Please invite the user/email provided by the project manager and make sure the user is given Admin role. 


To invite users and see current status, follow this link: 


Why we need Admin role:

With Admin role we are able to create an API Key which is necessary in order to build and maintain your apps. If you provide Visiolink with admin role, no further action is needed at your part. We highly recommend that Visiolink is given Admin access. This allows us to create the API key ourselves and download it securely.


If you do not wish to give Visiolink admin access

Please follow this guide: 

- Invite the Visiolink user with the roles App Manager and Sales. 

- find the Issuer ID by following this link: (Under Keys tab)

- Go to (Keys tab)
If there is a gray "Request Access" button, then account holder needs to click it first.

- Click the blue +

- Enter Visiolink in Name field

- Select App Manager

- Select Sales and Reports

- Click Generate

- Click Download API Key

- Send it to Visiolink with the Issuer ID

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