Tracking issue with many Clickable Ads

2023-06-06 11:19:17 UTC

A high number of Clickable Ads on the same page will ruin tracking. Not just tracking of Clickable Ads, but all of the following data as well. This is an issue partly out of our hands, because we are dependent on Google Analytics.

Our solution is limiting tracking to the first 15 Clickable Ads per page. This means that only the first 15 Clickable Ads on a page will be tracked, though there can be more.

We track data using Google Analytics. It has many advantages, but also limitations. One of those limitations is the number of hits which can be tracked. The limit is 60 hits and will give 1 hit back every 2 seconds.

Google: For each tracker instance on a device, each app instance starts with 60 hits which are replenished at a rate of 1 hit every 2 seconds. Applies to all hits except for ecommerce (item or transaction)

We advice you to keep this in mind when adding Clickable Ads to your publication. It's possible to have a high amount of Clickable Ads, but only the first 15 on each page will be tracked and it might ruin following data. The limitation of 15 tracked Clickable Ads doesn’t completely solve the issue, as it is still possible to ruin tracking if you have multiple pages with many Clickable Ads. For example 4 pages in a row with 15 Clickable Ads, quickly shown after each other will exceed the 60 hits limit and nothing will be tracked before the hit limit is before 60.


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