How will iOS 11 affect your Visiolink apps?

2018-09-14 09:42:18 UTC

With the iPhone 8 launch event scheduled for September 12, iOS 11 is rumored to be released as early as September 13th 2017. With the new operating system comes new features and functionalities, but they may also affect the functionality in live apps. Our developers and Quality Assurance team have worked hard with the beta versions of iOS 11 to test how it affects your apps, and so far they have only found one issue that needs to be fixed:

  • Sharing articles to social medias does not work

With iOS 11, Apple has removed support for the previous system integration for Facebook and Twitter, thus equating all third party apps. Due to this change, it is necessary to introduce a compatibility fix for all Visiolink apps that contain the feature Social Sharing.

Compatibility upgrades recommended for apps with Social Sharing

Even though the issue is minor, Visiolink recommends an upgrade to ensure full compatibility with iOS 11 if your app has Social sharing. If forward compatibility is included in your contract, Visiolink will upgrade your apps during the next months and contact you when the new version is ready to go live. No action is needed on your side. If you have already booked a project, Visiolink will ensure compatibility with iOS 11 before the agreed submit date. If your contract does not include forward compatibility, we will contact you with a price and time frame for the upgrade.

If you have any questions or concerns, Customer Care is ready to assist. Please contact

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