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2017-10-10 08:29:58 UTC

One of the most common change requests we get from end users, is to reduce download size of publications. This is for several reasons: To not use as much data, to reduce download time of a publication and to not use as much space on the device. All valid reasons.

Publications in a Visiolink app need to be of a certain size to live up to the quality that we are comfortable with delivering to readers, but at the same time we try to address customer requests in the best way possible.

Our current solution consists of two actions:

  • We download medium images instead of large images during the initial download. This will reduce the download size of article pictures by roughly 50%. We then download the individual images in a large format when the specific page / article is opened.
  • In Mobile Edition there is less focus on the Authentic view and it’s now possible to read all articles without ever downloading the latest publication. You instead download the XML and images separately, which is substantially less data.

 This should noticeably reduce the download size and improve the user experience, without reducing the quality of our products.

It is live from Android 2.17.06 and iOS 3.17.10 (News Modules).

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