Google Ads: What we need from you

2023-06-21 14:03:25 UTC


In order for Visiolink to be able to fetch ads from your account, your Account ID (1), your Ad Unit codes (2), the ID of the template that you have imported (3) and your AdMob Application ID (4) must be provided to Visiolink.


1. Account ID

a. Find the account ID in the left bar in the top when you are logged in to your DFP
account. The number written under the name of your account is your Account ID



2. Native Ad Template ID

a. Click the “Delivery” tab in the left panel

b. Click the “Native” tab

c. Now you see a list that should contain the template “Visiolink Native Template” (if
you haven’t renamed it). This has an 8 digit ID, which you must send to Visiolink



3. Ad Unit Codes

a. When you have created your Ad Units you gave each of them a code. Please send
these to Visiolink (for interstitials: if the page number is not evident from the Ad Unit
Codes, please also send us a mapping of which Ad Units should be placed after
which pages)



4. Ad Manager App ID

First you need to set up your app(s) in Google Ad Manager by following this guide. After it has been set up, follow these steps


a. Click the “Inventory” tab in the left panel

b. Click the “Apps” tab

c. Click the Copy icon in the App ID column to copy the ID of an app.







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