How to find your app in App Store Connect

2024-02-09 15:18:12 UTC

There are currently some frontend issues in App Store Connect that can affect your e-paper app. The app might not be displayed when you choose "Apps" in App Store Connect so you might fear it's not available for the users. This is only an issue in App Store Connect, though, it doesn't affect the presence of the app in the App Store! And your e-paper apps can be found in App Store Connect through some workarounds.


If you can't see your app, there are 2 options:

- If you have other apps and see those, you can click on one of them and then you can choose any other of your apps in the drop-down menu that shows up when you click on the app name.



- You can enter the listing directly by using this URL:[apple_ID]/appstore/
In order to find the apple ID, you can choose the tab "Analytics" in App Store Connect. Then you will see all your apps and can choose the one you wish to access. The apple ID will be displayed in the url and is a 9 digit number.

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