Adding new titles to your exisiting app and web solution

2024-05-03 09:25:41 UTC

It is possible to add (and remove) titles without submitting a new app version. Adding new titles will be done to the newest version of the app. Users on older versions will need to update their app in order to see the new content. It is also possible to add new titles when upgrading the app to a new version. 


Before adding the new title, we need to clarify the following:  

  • Name of newspaper

  • Publication frequency

  • Tracking information
  • Release time
  • Expiration date (if necessary)
  • Should the new title be part of existing tagging setup?
  • Free access or behind paywall?

    • Is the new title part of an existing subscription or does it have its own entitlement?
    • Should readers be able to purchase through in app purchase? New subscription product / new single purchase product or add to existing subscription product / existing single purchase product?
  • Would you like the new title on a new folder or a new prefix?
  • Do you have a preference for placement in the Hub?(sub prefix?, new folder under existing prefix?)
  • Where would you like the new title presented? Which app/web solution?
  • Should the new title be presented in the region, on a tab or in a module?
  • Specific test user with specific entitlement(s) needed?

Quality Assurance

  • To test the above settings before the go live date we will need to release a test page/dummy page on iOS, Android and web. The test material will be present for 1 hour and we will coordinate time and date with you

Visiolink QA will test

  • availability on all platforms on newest app/web version
  • user access
  • file flow 


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