How-to: Interstitials (basic)

2018-02-23 15:23:57 UTC

Please note that the guide below refers to our old backend, which is outdated and only accesible for customers with a custom setup. You'll find a guide to Interstitials in our Publishing Hub here:


From the Visiolink back-end you can add interstitials. Interstitials are full page ads that appear between pages of the publication on smartphones and tablets. This guide will show how to configure interstitials from the Visiolink back-end. 

First you should log-in to the Visiolink system at

Once you've logged-in to your account you should click the 'Device' tab, and the following screen will appear:



  1. Give your add a recognisable name
  2. Choose the ad from your computer
    Accepted formats are .jpg and .png
  3. Define a link the ad should lead to when clicked
  4. Chose whether the ad is for phone or tablet
  5. Select period of time the ad should be active


When everything is defined as stated above, press the 'Add' button. The ad will then be ready for the indicated dates. It is possible to edit the ad by pressing the pencil and also to delete it by pressing the red cross.


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