How-to: Setup Push Notifications through RSS

2023-09-22 11:15:37 UTC
Setup of RSS feed for automatic delivery of push notifications 

The RSS-feed is output as XML with a <rss> element as the root element, with a <channel> child element, containing an <item> element for each message you wish to send. Each <item> element must contain a <pubDate> consisting of a date and a time of day in the RFC822-format. This is used to determine when each message is to be sent.

Each <item> element must also contain a <description> element with the text message to display. In addition to this, an unique ID, by your own choosing, must be added in a <guid> element. This ID ensures that the same message is not sent out more than once.

An optional nonempty <link> element can be used to include a clickable URL in the push message.

All elements not mentioned above will be ignored. Also the element <title> which is mandatory in the RSS standard.

Example of RSS feed containing two push messages. Also see the example file rss_push.xml at the end of this article:




<title>push</title> Will be ignored


<description>Read all about the election</description>

<pubDate>Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:50:00 CET</pubDate>




<description>Read even more about the election</description>

<pubDate>Fri, 13 Feb 2015 21:24:00 CET</pubDate>




The feed is checked regularly. A push message is created and enqueued for delivery in the Visiolink push system, shortly after pubDate is passed. However, there is a limit of one push message per hour. If you need to circumvent this limitation, please use the Publishing Hub to send the message. If a push message has a pubDate which is more than one hour old, it will not be sent. If a push message, which has yet to be sent is removed from the feed, it will not be sent.

To ensure that the messages are always shown in their full length, the maximum length of the message+URL (<description>+<link>) is 2000 bytes. Note, that the effective limit measured in characters depends on which characters are in use, and therefore is <= 2000.

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