How-to: Quality assurance with Hold&Release

2023-11-15 10:29:25 UTC

With Hold&Release you have early access to quality assure the publication before the publication is released to the readers. If necessary the publication can be reprocessed several times. Simply deliver new pages to Visiolink ftp, and the paper will be reprocessed automatically. The publication will be put on hold and released automatically at the agreed release target. 


Early access to the publication through Visiolink Publishing Hub:

  1. log into with your usual credentials 
  2. click on “Publication Overview”
  3. click on the folder with the relevant paper or magazine
  4. click on Show Publication for the relevant date and the paper will open in web view




How to release the publication manually 

If you wish to publish your publication before the agreed automatic release target, you can release the publication manually by following this guide.


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