How-to: Test In App Purchase (iOS)

2016-11-23 08:32:11 UTC

This article will take you through the steps of testing in app purchase in your iOS app:

  • First, create a test user to test in app purchase in the sandbox environment
  • Log out from your iTunes account on the test iOS device.Before you can test your application, you must first log out of your regular iTunes account. iOS includes a Store category in the Settings application. To log out of your iTunes account, exit your application, launch the Settings application and click the Store icon. Sign out from the currently active account.
  • Important: Do not sign in with your test account in the Settings
  • Launch your application. Once you have signed out of your account, exit Settings and launch your application. As you make purchases from your application’s store, Store Kit prompts you to authenticate the transaction. Log in using your test account to approve the payment. No financial transaction takes place, but transactions complete as if a payment was made. Test all in app purchase and make sure that you test single issues before subscription





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