How-to: Create an iOS Developer Account

2020-09-24 13:03:22 UTC

Beginning an iOS App project requires some initial work on establishing and setting up an Apple Developer Account, purchasing the iOS Developer Program and furthermore inviting Visiolink as co-developers to the account.

Before you start, we recommend that you use a general email account that isn't attached to a single employee, since this could result in issues if/when that employee is no longer with you.

Visit to create your Apple Developer Account.

Establishing an Apple Developer account and enrolling in the iOS Developer Program (not Enterprise Developer Programme) can take some time since Apple has to validate all information before they accept new developers in their iOS Developer Program. It is therefore important that this process is being started as early as possible, in order not to delay the project implementation time schedule.


Apple Developer Account

When granted an Apple Developer account, access to App Store Connect will also be available. From the Developer Account and App Store Connect there are a few tasks to be handled by you:

  1. Purchase of iOS developer Program to enroll in the program (99 USD$ per year)
  2. Log in with Master log-in to App Store Connect:
    a) Request contract for “iOS Paid Applications” under “Contracts, Tax, and Banking”
    b) Request contract for “iOS Free Applications” under “Contracts, Tax, and Banking”
    c) Set up banking details under “Contracts, Tax, and Banking”


D-U-N-S Number

If you are asked to enter the D-U-N-S number of your company, you will have to register in the database of D&B who administrates D-U-N-S numbers. Please contact your local D&B office if in doubt.

Danish customers can request the D-U-N-S number without registration by filling in this form:

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