How-to: Create a Windows Store Developer Account

2016-11-25 12:00:32 UTC

In order to submit a Windows 8 app you need to create a Windows Store Developer Account here.

This guide will take you through the steps of creating an account.


Account type

There are two types of Windows Store accounts: company accounts and individual accounts. You must create a company account.

Company accounts require a little more verification, because Microsoft needs to make sure that you're authorized to create an account on the company's behalf. Company accounts are the only accounts that can submit desktop applications to the store.


Important: If the person Microsoft contacts, does not approve the account when they contact them, your registration will be rejected.


Account information

If you are creating a new Windows Store developer account, enter your contact information so that Microsoft can send you messages about your account. They use this information only to contact you about account-related matters. For example, the first message you will receive is the confirmation message after you complete your registration. After that, Microsoft will send you messages when they pay you or if you need to fix something with your account.

Most of the information you enter on this form is self-explanatory, but there are some fields that might not be clear:



Enter the website that you want to associate with your developer account. Customers won't see what you enter in this field unless you enter the same info on the description page of an app.


Publisher display name

The publisher display name is the name under which your apps will be listed in the Store. Customers will see this name when they are shopping for apps.

The publisher display name must be unique and if your account is being verified, you can't change it until your account verification is complete.

Tip: Pick your publisher display name carefully because it will become your brand in the store. Your customers will come to know your apps by this name, so pick a name that represents your identity and your products.

Warning: Make sure that the publisher display name you pick doesn't belong to someone else. If someone else has trademarked or copyrighted the name you picked, your account could be closed.

See your App Developer Agreement for more info.


Developer account info

The developer account info describes the developer contact for the account. Enter the info of the individual who will receive notifications about the account, whether the account is for an individual or a company.


Company account info

For company accounts, you need to provide additional info.

  • VAT ID
    If your company has a Value Added Tax (VAT) ID, enter it in this field.
  • Approver
    Microsoft verifies company accounts by contacting the company official named in the Approver info section of the Account infopage. Accurate and valid Approver info helps eliminate delays in the approval process.



Accept the App Developer Agreement to continue with your registration.



Enter the info about your payment account.

Note: You cannot use prepaid credit cards to pay for your developer account, because Microsoft uses your payment method to help confirm your identity.



Review your order and click Purchase to confirm your account registration and charge the purchase to your payment account.


Verifying your payment instrument

After you click Purchase, Microsoft still needs to verify your identity. They use your payment method to accomplish this. Here's how this works:

  1. Microsoft charges your payment method a small amount (between $0.01 and $5 USD or equivalent). This amount will be refunded to you within a few days.
    Note: Your bank may charge an International Transaction Fee (ITF) or apply currency conversion charges to the amount Microsoft charge during this process. These additional charges will not be refunded by Microsoft
  2. Access your payment method's transaction activity to retrieve the transaction amount and description of this charge.
  3. Enter this information on your Store dashboard to verify the payment method.

Until you verify your account, you will still be able to reserve names, access your dashboard, and build your app. You won't, however, be able to submit your app until the verification process is complete.


Thank you

When you click Continue, you go to your Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can begin to add your first app to the store.


Fill in payout and tax information

If you offer in-app-purchases (e.g. 30 days subscription, single issue) you need to add tax and payout information before your app(s) can go through certification. From the dashboard you can access the menus Payout and Tax. If in doubt how to fill in the information, please see instructions from Microsoft here.

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