How-to: Create a Google Developer account

2023-01-26 11:44:09 UTC

Creating a Google Play Developer Console account is the first step to be taken when an Android app is to be developed. 


Please follow Google's Developer Registration instructions here:

After you have completed the steps in "Registering as a Developer" your account is ready.

Invite Visiolink

The next step is to invite Visiolink to the account. This is done by choosing the "Settings->User accounts & rights" menu followed by the "Invite new user" button.

The e-mail address you must invite is: <your-customer-prefix> The prefix <your-customer-prefix> will be provided as part of the kick-off.

Testing accounts

Now you can add Gmail accounts to use for testing in-app purchases to the field "Gmail accounts with testing access" under "Settings->Account details".

Any user account can be chosen to be a test account, and any user of a test account can make test purchases with any available payment method (even though there’s no charge to the payment method).

Merchant account

The last step is to create a merchant account. At the bottom of the "Account details" page you must press the "Go to Merchant account" link.

A new window/tab will open and there choose the "Settings" tab. Fill in the profile and then the "Financials" and the "Tax setup" pages.

For more detailed information, see:

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