How-to: Release your Publication Early for Digital Platforms - (XML-Trigger)

2023-11-15 10:29:25 UTC

Please note that this article is outdated and only relevant for few of our customers! Please use this guide instead:

This article will guide you through the steps in releasing your newspaper for digital platforms the night before the printed version hits the streets. 


  • First of all, it is very important to make sure that all PDF-files and all article XML-files are delivered to Visiolink’s FTP-server.
  • After ensuring that all material is delivered, you need to send an XML-file that triggers the processing of the newspaper in Visiolink’s system. It is the time of delivery of the trigger XML-file that decides when the publication goes live. Depending on publication size and server traffic, it usually takes approximately 15 minutes from reception of the trigger XML-file till the publication is live on all platforms - depending on the size of the publication. 
  • Visiolink recommends that you only have one active XML trigger on your ftp, and that you do not change the file name.  
    Example for the newspaper Local News with the prefix “localnews”: localnews_trigger.xml
  • Only change the dates in the file, do not change or insert dates in the file name
  • The XML-trigger file must contain the following three pieces of information:


  1. Pdfdate: Date referred to in the PDF
  2. Releasedate: Date referred to in the PDF
  3. Releaseversion: Must be set to 1. If you wish to re-process the publication – for example to deliver a new front page – you need to deliver new PDFs and a new trigger XML-file with a release version number higher than the previous.   

The trigger XML-file will look like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

 Note: 31.12.13 is date, month, year


  • If you wish to delete a publication, it is important to also delete the corresponding xml trigger from the ftp. You can delete a publication on --> catalogues --> choose publication and delete 
  • Please make sure that you do not deliver an xml trigger without corresponding pdfs.  
  • Please check if your validation supports early release. Contact for more information. 







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