How-to: Re-process your Publication with XML-trigger

2023-11-15 10:29:25 UTC
This article will take you through the steps of processing or re-processing your publication with XML-trigger, for example if you need to deliver a new front page, missing pages or new XML-files.

Important: This article only applies to you if your processing is initiated with a xml trigger - for standard setup, please refer to this guide instead:
First of all, it is very important to make sure that the complete set of  PDF-files and all article XML-files are re-delivered to Visiolink’s FTP-server.
  •  After ensuring that all material is delivered, you need to send an XML-file which triggers the processing of the newspaper in Visiolink’s system. 
  • The XML-trigger file must contain the following three pieces of information:
  1. Pdfdate: Date referred to in the PDF
  2. Releasedate: Date referred to in the PDF
  3. Releaseversion:  This is normally set to 1, but if you wish to re-process the publication – for example to deliver a new front page – you need to deliver a new trigger XML-file with a release version number higher than the previous.   

The trigger XML-file will look like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Note: 31.12.13 is date, month, year

  • Now re-deliver the XML-trigger to ftp, and the publication will begin re-processing immediately. 


  • If you wish to delete a publication, it is important to also delete the corresponding xml trigger from the ftp. You can delete a publication on --> catalogues --> choose publication and delete 
  • Please make sure that you do not deliver an xml trigger without corresponding pdfs.  
  • Please check if your validation supports early release. Contact for more information. 


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  • Avatar
    Sebastian Frühwirth

    Hi there,

    could You please tell us where exactly (which directory) to put the trigger file? We could get this working so far.


    Sebastian Frühwirth

  • Avatar
    Agnethe Løkke Madsen

    Hi Sebastian, 

    thank you for your comment! The general rule is that the triggers should be delivered along with the files and placed in the same directory as the pdf files.