How to: Create an Amazon Account for development of app for Kindle Fire

2016-11-25 12:05:01 UTC

This guide will help you setup your Amazon Developer Account to be able to publish apps for Kindle Fire. Furthermore it will show you how to add Visiolink to the account.

1. Go to and press "Create an Account"

2. Mark the option "I am a new customer" and press "Sign in using our secure server"

3. Fill in the fields with your information and press "Save and continue"

4. Read the license agreement and press "Accept and continue"

5. Fill in your banking information in the Payments tab and press "Save and continue" 

6. In the Tax Identity tab you will have to registrer tax information and verify the authenticity of your company. Follow the steps in the guide to complete your account.

7. You must add Visiolink to the account as an administrator. Go to "Settings" -> "User Permissions" and press "Add new"

8. Add the email-adress given to you by Visiolink ([email protected]) as a new user and give it the role as an administrator. Press "Save".



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