How to: Upload a Publication Manually

2018-02-23 15:33:14 UTC

Please note: The guide below will be outdated for most of our customers, as is being closed down and will only be available for customers with a special setup. Please refer to this guide instead! 


This short guide will take you through the steps of uploading a publication. 

  1. Log into
  2. Choose the tab Catalogue --> New Catalogue
  3. Insert publication name
  4. Choose language
  5. Choose folder
  6. State online start date and time
  7. State online end date
  8. Click the box Auto links if you want all recognizable web and email addresses to be converted to clickable links
  9. Choose how you wish to upload your publication:
  • Upload PDF/ZIP from hard drive
  • Enter path to PDF/ZIP
  • Upload multiple pages

    10. Click on create to upload the publication 

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