How to: Install a test app for Windows 8 on your device

2016-11-23 15:12:38 UTC

In order to test your app for Windows 8 you must install a test version on your Windows 8 device or PC. This guide will tell you how to do this.

1.      Copy our supplied .zip file to a location on the desktop of your test device.

2.      Locate the .zip file and unpack it. This can be done by long-pressing/right-clicking the .zip file, then selecting 'Unpack all..., then click the 'Unpack' button.

3.      A folder with the contents of the .zip file will open. Depending on the device you want to install the app to, open either the folder called your newspapers' name and a version number ending with 'ARM' (e.g. thedailynews_1.0.10.9_ARM), ending with 'x86' (e.g. thedailynews_1.0.10.9_x86) or ending with x64 (e.g. thedailynews_1.0.10.9_x64).

4.      Inside the folder you will find the actual installation file. It is called Add-AppDevPackage. Long-press or right click this file, then select 'Run with PowerShell' (see screenshot below).


 A dialog will open with a warning, click the 'Open' button. Now the actual installation will take place, this should take no longer than one minute. Once installation is complete, press the 'Enter' key in the blue Powershell window to make it go away.

5.      The app is now ready to run from the home screen accessed by pressing the Windows button on the device.

6.      If anything unexpected happens, do not hesitate to contact us.

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