How-to: Thumbnails (e-pages)

2016-11-08 13:36:03 UTC

Login to your admin account on

After you login you can click on the tab Catalogues then click on the subfolder which contains your processed publications. Here you can click on the title of the latest issue and a new set of tabs will appear. If you go to the tab called Mini V (or if Danish as language: Teaser) you can choose different settings for the teaser/thumbnail. We usually choose the setting JPG teaser: Static image and Sizes 150px and in Further adjustment we choose Link to latest publication in folder  and you choose the folder where your processed publications are in the dropdown menu (see screenshot ). In the box: Code to source code on website: You will see the source code for the link to the latest publication in the folder you have chosen and you will also see the source code to the thumbnail for the latest publication in the folder.



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