How-to: Get your Apple device UDID using Diawi

2016-11-25 12:10:43 UTC

This article describes how to get your Apple device UDID from your iPhone or iPad, which is needed when installing iOS test-apps. The UDID is a device ID only used by Apple, that allows the device to install apps in test stage. For testing apps before submitting to Apple, all device UDID must therefore be registered.

Recently Apple removed easy access to the device UDID, and hence connecting the device to an computer (see: is the how-to get it.

However has created an alternative where connecting the device to a computer is not needed:

1) Open in Safari browser on your device

2) Click "Install Diawi profile"

3) Click "Install"

4) Select "Install Now"

5) Select "Send my UDID by e-mail" and type in your email address

6) You will now get an email with your UDID to be registered on your Apple developer account or to be shared with Visiolink


If you hereafter want Diawi to forget your UDID:

1) Open in Safari browser on your device

2) Click "click here" under the section "Security & Privacy" -> "Diawi configuration profile"



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