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2021-03-11 11:03:56 UTC

List of features with a short description

Basic Features

Login page

From here the reader can login to the app to access newspapers

Information page

A view containing information about e.g. the app or content rights accessible from the start screen of the app

Page overview

Access to thumbnail presentation of all pages in the publication. From here the reader can navigate to desired page.

Section overview

Access to thumbnail presentation of all sections in the publication. From here the reader can navigate to desired section.

Editable overview of downloaded publications

An overview of the issues downloaded by the reader. From here issues are available offline and they can be deleted manually.

Basic search function

Lets the reader search from within an issue and in downloaded issues


Makes it possible for visually impaired people to open a publication and have the article read aloud in the built in accessibility mode (VoiceOver)

Offline reading

Publications download when opened and are available for offline reading

Splash screen

Start-up screen displaying publisher logo or app sponsor

Starting page

The main screen of the app giving the reader access to the latest issues of the publication

Page view

Viewing and navigation pages of the publication in full screen mode including zooming in and swiping between pages

Article View

Displays full length articles in a reader-friendly environment in the app. Tap an article in the newspaper to open article view. Consists of both an overview of articles and articles in full length

Download Bar

An indicator at the top of the 1:1 display that shows the reader how much of the newspaper has been downloaded. Disappears when the newspaper is fully downloaded

Horizontal Page Overview

A tray of thumbnail images of all pages in the newspaper, which provides a complete overview of the content and provides quick and easy navigation.

Google Analytics

A comprehensive statistical tool that documents reader behaviour and preferences in the digital newspaper and across digital platforms.


After a period of time decided by the reader, downloaded newspapers will automatically be deleted. The reader can lock issues to prevent them from getting deleted.


Additional Features (iOS and Android)


Access to the entire archive of newspaper issues, directly in the app. You can deliver a scanned historic archive, PDF's from the the latest decade, or open up access to all issues stored at Visiolink

Archive Search

Allows readers to search by keyword or phrase in either the individual issue or the entire newspaper archive. This feature includes a datepicker

Automatic Download

Automatically downloads new versions of your publication to the reader's device as soon as it is ready in the app

Banners in Article View

Banner ads after each article in Article View. The banners are uploaded in Visiolink's system and can be set to remain visible for a set period of time


Gives the reader the option of saving articles from Article View for later reading, via independent view. Even if the newspaper issue is erased, the selected articles remain saved

Clickable Ads

Makes ads from the newspaper's printed version clickable in the app. Advertisers can thereby provide the reader with links to online content in the in-app browser

Deep Linking

Makes it possible to link from a web article to a newspaper app. Readers who have an app are led directly to the relevant newspaper. Readers who do not have the app are taken to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Demo issue

A function that gives users the chance to read a free demo version of the newspaper before making a purchase.


Addition of a dynamic content layer showing newspaper articles in a template view as an alternative to the 1:1-view


An opportunity to see your content in DYNAMIC as a test before purchasing DYNAMIC. Price for the test is refunded if you purchase. The DYNAMIC Demo is only applicable for existing customers for iOS

Dynamic Splash Screen

Dynamic Splash Screen is an exchangeable image, which pops up onto the screen to welcome readers while the app is loading

E-mail Sharing

Gives the reader the option of sharing an article via e-mail. The recipient can read the full-length article directly in the mail

Enriched Starting Page 1: Publication Content

Provide visual attraction and tap-access directly to the top stories from within the publication. A teaser list based on content from the articles within the publication is automatically presented next to the publication front page

Enriched Starting Page 2: Live News

Show the readers most recent stories of your live news feed from your website. This will create incentive to come back to your app several times during the day. Tapping a headline in the Live News list will take the reader to the full story in a separate view within the app

Enriched Starting Page 3: Publication Content & Live News

Combine the top stories from your publication in a gallery view with the Live Feed news list to tease the added content on your app starting page

Enriched Starting Page 4: Publication Content & Web View 

Combine the top stories from your publication in a gallery view and a web view with content of your choice. Displaying a video or picture gallery in the web view is a great way to activate your online content. You can also promote other apps or display ads

Enriched Starting Page 5: Web View & Live News

Combine the live news feed with a web view with online content and bring your cross platform content into play.  Displaying a video or picture gallery in the web view is a great way to activate your online content


After downloading the app, the reader is given a number of free issues of the newspaper. The number of free issues is set by the media company

Help Screen

A possibility to delever your own help screen for users of the app

Highlight Article Area

Highlights the clickable areas in the 1:1 version of the newspaper, either automatically or as an icon on the individual articles

Hold & Release

Access to a preview of the newspaper in the app, with a special log-in. Gives the option of checking the newspaper for errors before it is published


A message can be written from Visiolink's system for the readers, which they will see the next time the app is opened. The message can be sent immediately or at a set time


A full-page ad that pops up between newspaper pages. The ad is uploaded in Visiolink's system, where it is easy to set properties for the ad, e.g. platform targeting. 

Issue Specific Splash Screen

An image – such as an ad – that pops up when the reader opens a specific edition of the newspaper. This means advertisers can be offered a front page slot on a specific date

Live Feed

A button in the app that leads to a page featuring the latest news. The news stories are cached and can be accessed offline

News Ticker

News from the newspaper's homepage, which is regularly updated and shown at the top of the app. By tapping the news ticker, the reader is led to the story in question in the in-app browser

Picture Gallery

Via a button on the start page, the reader is led to an in-app photo gallery featuring content delivered online from the newspaper's homepage

Push Notifications

Used for sending text messages to readers on tablets and smartphones. The messages can be read even when the app is not open

Rate this App

A pop-up message that asks the reader to rate the app in Apple's App Store or Google Play. The message can be set to pop up based on several parameters

Region Picker

For newspapers with several regional versions. Allows readers to select a preferred regional version via a menu on the app's start page.

Section Overview under Coverflow

Gives the reader an overview of all the newspaper's sections by showing the front pages of the different sections as thumbnail images under the overall cover flow

Semantic Zoom

Presentation of historic archive material for daily newspapers. The user can search historic newspapers by zooming through four levels in time: decades, years, months and days

Social Sharing

Allows readers to recommend and share articles in the newspaper app with their social media contacts

Video Gallery

Via a button on the start page, the reader is led to an in-app video gallery featuring content delivered online from the newspaper's homepage

Voucher Field

If you are planning on using voucher codes for campaigns or as alternative sales channel, a field for typing in the voucher codes in the app is a good idea. 

Web View Button

Via control on the starting page, users are led to online content – such as weather forecasts, TV programmes or content from the newspaper's homepage – without leaving the app.


Additional Third Party Features

ADTECH Mobile SDK integration for Interstitial presentation

Integration of ADTECH Mobile SDK for presentation of interstitial ads between publication pages. Possibility to implement up to five fixed placement in the publication.

Cxense Mobile SDK integration for Interstitial presentation

Integration of Cxense Mobile SDK for presentation of interstitial ads between publication pages. Possibility to implement up to five fixed placement in the publication.

Rich Media Premium Ads

Interactive interstitials ads developed by OnAds. OnAds functions as a creative digital advertisement bureau for the customer and delivers the creative tag for booking in the ad serving system.

Rich Media Template Ads

Access to OnAds' Ad Builder Module for creation of Cxense and ADTECH tags for interstitial bookings. The Ad Builder has six different creative formats available. The app must have Interstitials and Cxense or ADTECH Mobile SDK implemented in the solution.


Interactive cross word puzzles accessible from the bottom menu bar

TV Guide

Interactive TV guide delivered by Ritzau. Is continuously updated and available when device is online


Interactive weather forecast accessible from the bottom menu bar. Continuously updated. Only accessible when device is online

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