How-to: Delete papers after deleting Android apps

2016-11-25 13:36:58 UTC

If you find that you have not gained more space on your device after deleting your newspaper app, is it because the system has not deleted the downloaded papers from the app that you just deleted.

This is how you delete those papers:

In order to delete the papers you will need a file manager. We recommend Total Commander which is free.

The first thing to do is to download Total Commander from Google Play. 

When you have installed Total Commander, you open the app to search for the folder that is to be deleted.

Choose the SD card on which the newspaper app was installed.

If there are several SD cards on your list, you can try starting with the one on top. 


When you have chosen the SD card the next folder to choose is 'Android'.

Next step: choose 'data'.


In the folder 'data' you will find a folder with the name "com.visiolink.reader.generic"

If you don't have any other papers on your device, you can delete that folder.

You delete a folder by long-pressing the folder until a pop-up appears.

In the pop-up choose 'Delete'.

If you have other newspaper apps on your device, go to the folder "com.visiolink.reader.generic" and delete only the folder that you no longer need.

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