How to: Book static insterstitials in Adtech

2023-06-06 11:19:17 UTC

This guide provides a fast and clear path to booking static interstitials in the ADTECH interface. Interstitials are full page ads which appear between pages of the publication on smartphones and tablets.

  1. Log on to your Adtech account

In order to be able to book static insterstitials, it is mandatory that you log on to your Adtech acount.

  1. On Adtech's main page, on the right hand side, choose Advertiser, click on the search box under it and press enter.

Your advertisers will be displayed afterwards.

Choose the advertiser for which you would like to book the static interstitials.

  1. To be able to book the static interstitials, it is necessary that you create a new campaign.

 Press the "Create campaign" button as shown below.

  1. On the following page press "Next"

5.  Under the tab "Banner", press the "Add banner" button.


6.  Once you find yourself on the "Ad banner" page, scroll down to "Banner Components"

Two things have to be accomplished here:

Add the picture which you would like to use as your interstitial

Create a new HTML file which contains a simple HTML text, provided in this guide. This HTML text will allow the proper placement of the interstitial on your screen, in regards to the portrait and landscape views.


The picture may not be bigger than 50 KB.

N.B. When creating the HTML file, please use the following text:

<a href="_ADCLICK_" target="_blank"><img src="_ADPATH_interstitial_name.png" style="height: 100%"></a>

Press the "Save" button in order to finish your booking of static interstitials.


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