Introduction to Visiolink Publishing Hub

2023-01-27 08:26:01 UTC

Introduction to Visiolink Publishing Hub

Note: Visiolink Publishing Hub is only supported in Google Chrome. Other browsers might work, but we develop for Chrome compatibility.

This guide will provide you with elementary information regarding the starting page of the Visiolink Publishing Hub (or just Hub). In this guide, you will be able to find information about:

  • Dashboard
  • Search
  • Twitter
  • Support
  • Chat

The new Hub comes with a user-friendly layout and allows you to quickly navigate through the menus of your choice.


Your Dashboard will display a number of cards which will allow you to quickly navigate between your different options:

  • Publication Overview: displays all publications uploaded to your account organized in folders.
  • Processing: provides an overview of publications being processed or waiting to be processed.
  • Interstitials: For booking interstitial ads in your app.
  • Splash: For changing intro graphic of your app.
  • In-App Messages: For sending messages to readers opening your app.
  • Push Messages: For sending messages to readers who have accepted receiving messages from the app.

The number of options available depends on which features are part of your app/web solution.

Further dashboard functionality

  • Context Picker: The Context Picker allows for a quick search through all titles. Use it for sorting your content when navigating the Hub.
  • Twitter: The twitter functionality on the right hand side will always provide you with the newest updates from Visiolink.
  • Support: Clicking the support button in the bottom right corner of your screen will allow you to search for guides on various subjects in Visiolink's knowledge base. You will find how-to’s here if you are in doubt when using the Hub functionalities.


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