Publication overview

2023-08-15 14:01:14 UTC

The “Publication overview” gives you an overview of all your publications organized in main prefixes, prefixes and folders.

  • The “Publication overview” can be accessed from your dashboard.

  • If you have more than one prefix or folder you will see an overview of these like in the picture below. You will also see lines  grouping the titles to the main group they belong to. If you have only one folder, you will not see the overview but open the folder directly.

  • Inside your folders, your publications are listed with the newest first as shown in the picture below. You can edit or show each publication, you can go to a specific date and you can search for a publication with a specific ID across all of your folders.

  • By clicking the “EDIT PUBLICATION” button, you will be able to change the title of that specific publication and the period of time the publication should be available, as shown below. You can also add hotspots or split into sections - you'll find more information here.

  • By clicking the “SHOW PUBLICATION” button, you will be able to view a preview of the chosen publication.

  • By entering a specific publication ID into the search field, you will be able to quickly search through your publications, as shown below.

  • The same result can also be achieved by searching for a specific date, as shown below.



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