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This guide will provide you with information on how to book a new splash screen in your apps – either a general splash screen or a publication specific splash screen. The general splash screen is shown every time the app opens, and the publication splash is shown every time a specific issue is opened.

If you want to create a general splash, please choose the main prefix of the app in the title selector in the Hub, so you address the whole app.

Click the “SPLASH” card on your dashboard, as marked below. 


By pressing the “CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN” button, you will start the process of creating your new splash screen.

The first step in creating your new splash screen allows you to choose a name and the active period for your campaign as shown below.

Press next to continue. On the “Campaign properties” screen which follows you will be able to choose between a variety of options.


This option will allow you to choose all or between the different platforms on which your splash screen campaign should run.

Mobile device type

This option will allow you to choose which mobile device type (tablet/phone) you would like your interstitials campaign to run on or if it should run on all the devices.


This option will allow you to choose where the splash screen should be displayed to the user. Choose the startup splash setting to display the splash screen right after the app has started or choose issue specific splash which allows you to choose certain publication dates on which the splash screen will be displayed.

After choosing your preferences press next to continue.

On the following screen you will have the option to add the pictures (png/jpg) which will serve as your splash screen.


We recommend you as a minimum to upload your splash in a landscape version as well as in a portrait version in the following sizes:

Landscape: W1024 pixels X  H768 pixels
Portrait: W768 pixels X  H1024 pixels

Alternatively, you can upload one square splash in W1000 pixels X H1000 pixels.

The splash will be scaled on the device without changing ratio of the picture. If you only upload one splash, this will be shown in both orientations.

The Splash screen image should have a transparent background.

You can upload both larger and smaller splashes to target for instance iPad Pro’s, devices with retina displays or phones where the screen size does not allow for too compact information. The best suited splash will automatically be chosen by the device.

You can choose to insert a click through landing page activated if the reader taps the splash screen. By pressing the “Add media” button on the bottom right corner of your screen, you can insert your pictures.

Once you have finished providing the files desired as your splash screen, press next to continue.

The last part of your splash screen setup will provide you with an overview of the options you have chosen for your campaign as shown below.

Your splash screen has been created and can be seen under the live tab as shown below, if the active period has started.

When a splash screen campaign is created and the start date for the campaign is set as a future date, the splash screen campaign will be displayed under the pending tab as shown below.

When your splash screen campaign expires, it will be displayed under the expired tab as shown bellow.

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