In-App Messages

2024-01-31 10:16:50 UTC



In-App Messages are messages sent to your app, which the reader will see when they open the app. Unlike Push Messages, the reader cannot decline receiving In-App Messages, which makes them great for important messages like unpublished newspapers or technical disturbances.

To access In-App Messages press the “IN-APP MESSAGES” button on your dashboard as shown below. If you are managing more than one app, you should pick the context of the app you wish to send a message to in the Context Picker.

After pressing the “IN-APP MESSAGES” button you will have multiple options as shown below.


This option will allow you to choose all or between the different platforms to which your in-app messages should be sent.


The in-app messages you would like to send should be entered here as marked below and should not contain more than 255 characters.


A specific date and time have to be chosen for your messages as shown in the picture below. The date and time will have a start and end date. In-App Messages will only be sent during the specified time period. This means that all users who open your app during this period will see the message. A user will not see the same message twice on the same device.

Press “Send” to send your message. Once you have sent the message, it will appear in the list with status “Active” or “Inactive” as shown in the picture below.

The message will remain active for the entire chosen period of time. You also have the option of deleting the message if you do not wish to show the message anymore. In the list you can also see how many receivers the message has been shown to.

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