The 10 Main Tracking Events (UA)

2023-07-19 06:33:27 UTC


At Visiolink, we have defined 10 main events which provide key data for your ePaper applications. There is a big difference between the standard Google Analytics metrics and the custom Visiolink events. Because the ePaper requires the user to pay for access in most cases, some of the Google metrics will not be as applicable.

The standard Google Analytics metrics such as Users and Sessions will count the users as soon as they enter the application. The user will still be able to view different screens and navigate to potential web views. Because of this, Visiolink wanted to exclude the users without access to the publication.

This was conceptualized in 10 main metrics, which are all based on interactions with the publication.

The 10 main metrics are:

  • Download
  • Publication (Openings)
  • Page
  • Article 
  • Search
  • Interstitial
  • Hotspot - External (Clickable Ads)
  • Audio article
  • Podcast
  • Feed (Live feed)
  • Module Performance (this event can be added to the 10 standard events)

The download event has become one of the primary metrics for the ePaper. It is triggered when the user downloads a publication. It can only be triggered once per publication unless the user deletes the publication from the device. The Publication (Openings) event is slightly different. It counts the number of publication openings. If a user downloads a publication and opens it three times during the day, the user would have created 1 Download and 3 Publication (Openings).

If you have any questions regarding our main metrics or Google Analytics data, feel free to contact us.

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