Sudden change in data after an update

2017-08-10 13:16:11 UTC

There are a number of possible reasons for a sudden change in the Google Analytics data. This article explains some of the more common reasons for a change in data.

  • Missing Custom Dimensions

With the introduction of Google Tag Manager, Visiolink additionally introduced custom dimensions. When looking at platform specific data for newer applications, these need to be in place to retrieve the relevant data. If these are not correctly created in Google Analytics, you will see a large drop in data on the respective platforms. You will furthermore not be able to locate data on app versions, publication titles, orientation, and section before the custom dimensions have been created in Google Analytics. If you have not heard of custom dimensions before, read and follow this guide:

  • Missing Google Analytics ID

This rarely happens but can occur and cause a steep drop in the Google Analytics data. If you have launched a new version of your application and all the data seems to be missing, then contact us and we will check if the Google Analytics ID has been properly included.

  • Too many hits

Google has a 10 million hits a month limit in Google Analytics. Even though they often tolerate larger amounts of data, it can lead to increased sampling and aggregation of data. There have been examples of customers with large amounts of data, where Google suddenly has removed essential data from the custom Visiolink events such as Downloads and Publication (Openings). To avoid this scenario, be sure to contact us before you reach the limit. If your publication has fewer hits than 10 million a month, the other scenarios are more likely to have influenced your data.

  • New applications

With every new update, the data quality is increased at Visiolink. In a few cases, this will cause the data to change. Usually, the changes are small and will not have large effects on your data. However, some updates may significantly change the way we track our events. To keep up with our planned tracking changes, follow our Twitter account on: On this account, we will let you know of any upcoming changes.

If you have any questions regarding changes or Google Analytics data, feel free to contact us.

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