How to provide Edit Access in GA

2021-06-18 11:10:15 UTC

Provide access to Visiolink

Customers are always advised to provide Visiolink with 'Edit' access.
This makes it possible for Visiolink to help with account related issues and provide guidance and consultancy on how to setup Custom Dimensions. Furthermore, it makes it possible for Visiolink to adjust or create specific views based on customer demand.

When you are logged in to your GA account, go to Google Analytics at the website:

First step is to go the 'Admin' tab in Google Analytics (STEP 1).


Now press on 'User Management' (STEP 2).


The User Management lists all the current users of the account and their permissions.

Check if a Visiolink email is present in the table. (E.g. etc.)

If a Visiolink address IS PRESENT, then you should change the permissions of Visiolink to 'Edit'. You can do this by pressing the Visiolink mail address, then enable all access and save the settings in top right corner.


If a Visiolink mail is NOT PRESENT, you must add with 'Edit' permissions manually as seen below. Remember to select 'Edit' access. To add a new account, press the blue cross in the top right corner and then press ‘Add users’ (STEP 3).


You have now added access to us, this allows us to help with account related actions such as Custom Dimensions and it makes it possible for us to provide help in the future.

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