How to enable your Android Service Account

2021-02-09 09:32:08 UTC

By enabling your Android Service Account in your Google Play Developer Console, you can help Visiolink to make the app update process as fast and efficient as possible. Please follow these steps to enable your Android Service Account. Only the account owner (the person who created the account) is allowed to make the necessary changes.  

By providing your Visiolink contact with your login credentials, we can help you enabling your Service Account. Visiolink will use your login solely to follow the procedure below. Please change your password shortly after the procedure has been carried through.  

Here is a general guide for getting started with Developer Account API: 

However you need to follow this guide due to Visiolink specific information is needed.


1. Go to Google Play Developer Console by clicking this link: and login using your Google Developer Account credentials

2. Click the "Settings" icon in the left menu bar 

3. Select "API Access" (DE: "API-Zugriff")


4. Press the "Create new project" button and "Link Project". If you don't see the screenshot below, then you first need to click "link project API" and accept terms.


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Create Service Account" button - see screenshot below.

6. A new popup appears. Click the link "Google Cloud Platform". This will open a new tab. 

7. In the new tab, click the "+ CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT" button at the top of the page - see screenshot below. 



8. A new screen will appear where you will need to fill in some info. In the "Service account name" box write "Visiolink". In the Service account ID box keep the current ID. In the Service account description you can write a description, but this is optional. Then click CREATE.



9. In the next menu "Service account permissions" you need to add a role "Editor". Click the "Select a role" dropdown menu and choose Project -> Editor. (can also be found under Basic). Don't add any conditions. Then click Done.


10.Now your Service Account is complete and you need to create a JSON file. Click the "..." button below "Actions" and select "Create Key". Select JSON and click CREATE. A file will be downloaded.

Send that file to your Visiolink Project Manager. Then click Done.


11. Close the current browser tab (Service Accounts).

12. Open the browser tab, in which you already have Google Play Developer Console open (this is where you logged in previously called API ACCESS). 

13. Page should be refreshed, but to make sure press F5 (or similar).

14. Scroll down to Service Accounts and find the newly created service account called something with visiolink in the name. Press the "Grant access" button next to it. 



15. An "Invite user" page is shown with list of permissions. Leave everything as it is and click "Invite user" in the bottom right corner.


16. This concludes the procedure of enabling your Android Service Account. If you haven't already sent the file acquired in step 10, please email it to your Visiolink Project Manager. 



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