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2024-01-29 10:34:40 UTC

You can edit a publication in a number of ways:

  1. Edit sections
  2. Replace pages
  3. Insert pages 
  4. Edit enrichments

You can do all of these things by navigating to the Publication Overview, selecting the publication you want to edit and selecting EDIT PUBLICATION. Then you will see the screen below.


Select EDIT CONTENT and you will see the Publication Editor. 

Edit Sections

This is the Publication Editor. 


The lines across indicate where the sections separate, in this case page 1-4 is the first section and page 5-14 is the second section.

Section names can be specified in the highlighted boxes.

To join two sections together, click the JOIN SECTIONS button in the right side of a section separator line, indicated with an arrow above.

If you want to separate a publication or section into smaller sections, you can do that by splitting the spread.


First you need to select a 2-page spread, example is page 8-9 above. When selected you will see the SPLIT SPREAD button in the top right corner, indicated with a red box in image above. Simply click the SPLIT SPREAD button and the current section will end at page 8, while a new section will start at page 9. 

Replace pages

To replace a single page, select the page in the overview you want to replace and click REPLACE/INSERT PAGE(S).

You will see the options below.

NOTE: If you replace a page in the publication it will automatically delete all enrichments in the entire publication. 

First select which one of the two pages you want to replace. Keep the "Replace selected page" button selected, then click NEXT.

Now click CHOOSE A FILE and pick a PDF file to replace the selected page.

When done it will look like the image above. Make sure that "Uploaded Pages" is equal to the number of pages you intend to upload, otherwise it will replace more pages than expected. Then select NEXT.

There is a summary on the final page. Check that the information is what you intend to do. 

In this case I want to replace page 2 with a different version of page 2, which means replacing 1 page starting from and including page 2, is correct. 

Replacing several pages

If you want to replace several pages in a row, it's done in the same way. Select the first page you want to replace and continue. In this case I want to replace page 3-8 with different pages.

The summary confirms that I'm replacing 6 pages from page 3 and onward. 

If you replace pages across sections, the sections will stay as they were. Example above is me replacing page 3-8, but the section 1 is page 1-4 and section 2 is page 5-14. The sections will stay the same, but all pages will still be replaced.  

If you try to replace the last page in a publication with more than 5 pages, it will not add any pages, only replace the selected page.

Insert Pages

You can also insert pages. Simply check the Insert Before or Insert After button and select the page you want to insert before or after. 


In this case I want to insert a new page between page 1 and 2. 

The confirmation message fits my intention. 

Edit Enrichments

There is a separate guide for that here


In the picture below you can see my changes, which are color coded. First I replaced page 3-8 with different pages. Then I added a new page between page 1 and page 2. 

Changes have been made, but they aren't saved before you click APPLY. 


If you close the browser or tab, the changes will be lost. Make sure you save them properly. 

Be aware that it can take some time before the updated version is available when you have replaced or inserted pages. This is because of caching, and for older issues it may take an hour or more before you can see the updated catalogue. For today's issue it will be quicker.

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask us on support@visiolink.com!


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