How to add 'new property' and 'view' to existing GA account

2018-07-16 11:08:56 UTC

If you have a Google Analytics Account, you need to add a new property and a new view to it in order to have the usage of your Visiolink solutions tracked.

To be able to integrate Google Analytics tools in your Visiolink product(s) you need to follow these steps. At the end of this guide, you will have created a new property and a view. You have to send Visiolink the tracking ID and add Visiolink as a user of the account. Here is how to do it:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Google Analytics information or create a new account

3. When you are logged-in go to the admin-tab in the left


4. Now click on the dropdown 'Property'-menu and select 'Create new property'


5. Now you are ready to set up the Property. You are going to create a website view. Fill in as follows:

          - Start by creating a new account for Website

         - Account name: This should be the name of your paper, e.g. 'The Daily News'.

          - Website's URL:

          - Press 'Get tracking ID'


6. Please provide Visiolink with the tracking ID


7. You have now created a new Google Analytics property. Now you need to give Visiolink access to the account. Press 'User Management'.

8. Add permissions for Allow this user to Edit. Check the 'Notify this user by email'-box.

9. Press 'Add'

10. You will see a list of (at least) two users of the account; you and

11. Now you should be able to see Website tracking (All Web Site Data) on your Home Screen. If it shows up, you are done!


It is possible to rename the 'View' to something else in the admin-menu.

If you have any questions regarding Google Analytics, feel free to contact us.


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