How to modify release time of specific editions

2024-01-30 09:24:29 UTC

Under Processing it is possible to change the release time of specific editions if you have the feature Hold & Release. This is ideal if you have editions where the deadline is prolonged because of important events like elections or sports games or if you have content that must not go live before a specific time. You can also define an earlier release time than usual.

You will see the button "Modify release time" in the options panel on the right:



First you choose the date that you want to change the release time for. I.e. if you want to change it for the paper that has the date 4 November, make sure you have swiped to that date or have used the calendar function ("Select date") to select it - note that you have to choose the date that the pdf's have, not the date on which the publication is published, which for many newspapers will be the date before the publication date, if they go live in the evening.

Then you click "Modify release time" and get the following window:


In the "Issues" option you choose the paper you want to edit the release time for. If you have chosen your main account, you may see several options, so make sure you choose the correct title.
In the example above, we want to change the release time of the paper of the 1 November, and because the time of writing this guide was 29 October, that comes up as an option. Typically you will only want to change the time, not the date, so make sure that you choose the correct date. Remember, that if you have the feature Early Release, your release time for the edition for 1 November will be 31 October.

When you have chosen the edition and edited the release time, it will look like this and you only need to press "Confirm".


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