FAQ Digital Crossword Puzzles from the Printed Edition with Bulls Press

2023-01-23 08:15:02 UTC

Outdated - Feature is no longer sold

Here, you'll find answers to the most frequently asked technical or conceptual questions which we get, when discussing digitization of the puzzles of the printed edition.

Q: How does the solution look?

A: Here is an example of how the online interface presents itself: https://www.digitalakorsord.se/c/abkrysset/2019-10-11

Q: How does the process work?

A: When you send your newspaper to Visiolink’s FTP-server, we pick it up and process it making it ready for publishing as an ePaper. During the processing, we scan the paper for crossword puzzles and send the pages containing crosswords to Bulls Press. They digitize the puzzles and make them available online shortly after. If the digital version is not ready by the time the ePaper is published, the user will see the puzzle from yesterday. This period should be a maximum of 30 minutes.

We set up a blinking clickable area in the ePaper on top of each puzzle, linking to the online version. Clicking it will take the user to the digital version of the printed puzzle.

Q: What does digitizing the puzzles imply for us?

A: You need to provide us with an overview of the puzzles, you would like to have digitized. How many are there and when are they in the paper? Often, weekend puzzles differ from weekday puzzles. We need to send a sample of each puzzle to Bulls Press, and we need to know what to look for, when we scan the pages.

As soon as the process is up and running, you don’t have to do anything. It is fully automized.

Q: Which types of puzzles can be digitized?

A: Any puzzle with a square layout and square cells can be digitized. This includes Sudokus.  

Q: We want the readers to be able to see the correct solution. How can we do that?

A: This requires that Bulls Press has the solution available, so they can build them into the online interface. In this case, you will need to send puzzles including solutions to Bulls Press. We need to establish a workflow between you (or your crossword constructor) and Bulls Press which ensures that they receive the right material in a timely manner (at least one week ahead).

This enables a “see solution”-function in the online version.  

Q: We want the readers to be able to send in the keyword on our prize puzzles. How can we do that?

A: Bulls Press provides a service which allows readers to send the keyword. Enabling this will turn on a “send solution”-function in the menu. Bulls Press will collect the information and send them collectively to you so you can pick a winner among the right answers.

Q: Can the puzzle open in app instead of the external browser?

A: Only on iOS. The app needs to be configured to open crosswords in-app.

Q: When can we start?

A: We need some preparation time. In general, it will take 3-4 weeks from you order the feature until it is up and running.  

Q: Do we need to submit the app to get started?

A: No. This feature is possible to set up server-side.

Q: Can we track the usage of crossword puzzles?

A: Yes. In the standard ePaper tracking it is possible to see how many times the crosswords have been clicked.

Q: We already use Bulls Press for delivery of our printed puzzles. Does that make a difference?

A: This is good news. Bulls Press will be able to embed the right links into the material they send you to place in the printed paper. These links will carry through to the ePaper and create a clickable area. This ensures a very smooth process.

Q: What domain is used when presenting the crosswords?

A: We can use either puzzleplayze.com (default for non-Swedish customers) or digitalakorsord.se (default for Swedish customers)

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