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Use Vouchers to create campaigns promoting your ePaper and onboard new digital readers, or give free access in case of failed delivery of the printed paper. Read here how a danish media group successfully ran an onboarding campaign using vouchers for the ePaper. 

Contact Visiolink Customer Care to learn more about vouchers or to order your next batch of vouchers by mail: support@visiolink.com or phone: +45 7023 3544 .

Prices as of November 26 2018:

1 - 5.000 accesses: EUR 120

> 5.000 accesses: EUR 0,025 each

There are different ways you can use vouchers - here are some examples:

- using 1 code which is valid on 10000 devices. This is great for marketing purposes, eg the code "Christmas2018" will give access for 1 week to all readers

- using 5000 individual codes which will be distributed individually to readers, e.g. by your customer service team.

- using 5000 individual codes which can be used on three devices each. This enables the readers to use the same code on different devices, e.g. phone and tablet. In this case it's 5000 x 3 accesses = 15.0000 in total

When a voucher is used, a token will be saved in app or browser and be used to register towards device limit. If you open a new browser (or close and open same browser again) it will count towards device limit.


Please note that vouchers are created for the individual prefixes, so if your app contains several titles, this will affect the price. If you for instance have 10 magazines in your app and you want to allow access to all of them, the price will be multiplied by 10. 

Note that the voucher code mustn't have more than 15 characters if you intend to use it in the Web App! If it's only to be used on iOS and Android you may have more than 15 characters.




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