Information about e-paper distribution during the Covid-19 pandemic

2020-09-16 09:12:32 UTC

As a consequence of the growing risk of printing houses shutting down or other factors hampering the print distribution, we receive many requests from media houses that wish to prepare a temporary transition towards digital-only distribution. Therefore, we are preparing ourselves for this important distribution task if a number of media houses decide to temporarily or more permanently cease the printing and distribution of physical newspapers and magazines in order to protect both employees and end-users against Covid-19.

The Visiolink Data Center is designed to withstand a 50 percent increase in data traffic during peak hours, and a 500 percent increase outside peak hours. And while the typical e-paper accounts for 10-30 percent of a media house’s total distribution, a temporary termination of print could potentially lead to an increased traffic load of three to ten times the traffic, we are normally experiencing. If our entire client base converts to digital distribution, then we need to optimize the current load and further increase our capacity.

Practically, we will do the following:

  1. We have acquired business critical hardware to our Data Center and increased the capacity, so it can handle a multiplication of data traffic towards the end-users.

  2. The amount of dedicated data lines to Visiolink’s Data Center have been doubled.

  3. Under extraordinary circumstances we are also - in cooperation with the individual media house - able to:

- Distribute part of the traffic through CDN (Content Delivery Network).

- Implement a temporary reduction of the image quality in order to reduce the total data amount.

Our Customer Care Team are ready to help secure your digital distribution – and to help expand the digital distribution in this period where the Covid-19 situation demand some extra precautions. Contact if you expect significantly increased traffic, or if you need help deactivating validation (giving full access to all readers).

It is important that you notify us, so we are able to proactively secure the necessary capacity in this extraordinary situation.

Increase in traffic are measured and charged according to the applicable contract, and potential months with a higher traffic level than normal will be invoiced together with the next half year statement. The manual handling and setup are carried out according to the applicable support agreement and hourly rates. We will always provide a quick estimate of the extent of a given task.

We ensure the distribution of your publications
Visiolink’s role is to ensure that newspapers and magazine all over Europe can be distributed safe and stable to all readers, and that the media houses can maintain the publicistic business – even if the print distribution is temporarily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our actions are subject to change in case of further developments in the current situation.

If you have any further questions then feel free to contact us by phone +45 7023 3544 or email

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