CHANGE LOG [2020-05-20] - Audio changes

2022-08-22 09:15:26 UTC

As per 2020-05-20, we will make a few adjustments to our audio tracking structure. This is done to ensure alignment and usability across all our tracking parameters.

The changes will be as follows:

EventCategory: To align all our tracking events, we will change our EventCategory from only containing "Audio" across the 3 different events, to now include the names "Narrated", "TTS" and "Podcast". This means, that we can now differenciate the 3 different events from each other, only by using EventCategory to filter.

EventAction: We will remove the names "Narrated", "TTS" and "Podcast" from here. We do this, because we now include these names in the EventCategory, and thereby, we don't need this information in the EventAction anymore.

The new aligned audio tracking structure can be seen below:


If you have questions to these changes or otherwise to your tracking setup,
then feel free to contact our business intelligence department at

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